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Time Out From The World…

ButtercupsWell, what an eventful few weeks it has been.  I’m sorry I took an unplanned hiatus last week – but the good news is I’m BACK and it’s time to look forward and, after a bit of deliberation, I have decided that Frugally Peachy is still a big part of that move forward!  Grab a cuppa dudes….this is a long one!

I think all bloggers, writers, anyone who takes great pleasure in putting thoughts out on the web-osphere, find themselves at a stumbling block every now and again.  I’ve been through just that, more than once actually, but this one really needed some careful consideration.   I’ve been in limbo-land a little since the split and I’ve been spending a bit of time trying to re-find myself.  I haven’t felt like writing my blog, I haven’t felt like tweeting much or even giving myself much time to get creative.  Which left me with a million half-finished projects, a whole head of ideas and a heap of anxiety over how to get on with things!  So when the opportunity arose for me and D to spend a week with my parents in sunny Somerset, where I grew up, I jumped at the chance to escape and regroup for a while.

It was the one thing I really needed, a change from the norm, a chance to catch up with my thoughts and start seriously thinking about putting plans into action. THE CAKE Mostly, it gave me the chance to just ‘be’ for a bit – something I really needed to do and need to do a lot more often than I do!  I spent some time catching up with my parents, cooking, hanging with the little one and my week even coincided with my best friend Rachel’s very last-minute visit from Australia – so we had a fab day out with our other bestie, Cat, enjoying the sites of Honiton, a lovely little village with indie shops a-plenty and a spectacular Boston Tea Party.  We caught up, we ate the world, got giddy staring through the window of the (sadly closed) bridal shop, from which Cat will soon be picking up her WEDDING DRESS and talked all things ‘baby’ – as Rachel is due to have her first baby in September.  My Mum very kindly took Daisy for the day, so it was lovely to hang out with the girls and be ‘myself’ for a bit – which isn’t so different, maybe a little more loose-tongued AND it does mean I can have full conversations without having to chase after or restrain a small person. Me, Cat, Rach Here we all are enjoying some rather indulgent cakes at the Boston Tea Party – this year we will have known each other for 12 years – we have survived many many deadlines, late nights, bad dates, good dates, love, loss, hundreds of nights on cheap alcohol, one trip around the world, one wedding, one turbulent 2/12 years in London and one rather huge, permanent move half way around the world!

I took advantage of the beautiful surroundings around where I grew up also, this week.  With my Mum at work on Thursday, and a little bit of inspiration from the lovely Sonia from Layoutlines, I took a long walk with Daisy along Dyers Lane in the warm weather – and the best thing?  I didn’t melt OR set on fire in the heat!

Swingbridge Cottage

Canal RightMy parent’s live on a lovely estate a little way out of Taunton and these beautiful scenes are situated just across the road from them, a gorgeous lane that crosses part of the Taunton to Bridgwater Canal.Daisy Canal  I used to walk home from my college bus this way and have always loved the quirky cottages that line the edge of the canal – the flowers and scenery looked so idyllic in the sunshine and I was instantly reminded of why I’ve always wanted to live in a cottage.  It gave me some great ideas for my little garden and made me resolve to make regular trips to the countryside too! Swan-age We stopped along the canal to watch the swans – D has just added ‘Duck’ to her vocabulary, then made our way back home for avocado on toast, with a much clearer head and a determination to kick life’s ass on my return to The Midlands.

Well I arrived back in Notts on Saturday afternoon, ready to get on with life.  I’m still taking each day, each week as it comes, I have long-term goals and short term goals – from Interior Decorating to Wardrobe Injections, staking my claim in the world of FICTION, Random Acts of Kindness and trips to the seaside!  Right now, I have a list of projects to finish, a little bit of #craftblogclub excitement AND some snail mail lovin to write!

Blue CottageI’m so grateful that people are still reading and enjoying Frugally Peachy, my blog is something I’m proud of and I want to continue to showcase my craft projects and write about my year without shopping on the High Street.  Thank you for sticking with me – I’m more determined that ever to make 2014 the best year yet – I hope you’ll continue to enjoy my journey!

FlowersStay Peachy x