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Guest Post: Summer Berry Sorbet

When it comes to Summer recipes, there is nothing I like more than a little sorbet (or skinny ice cream, as I call it)!  So, with the lovely hot weather we have been enjoying, I thought I’d share this wonderful guest post from Jess, who writes over at Jessthetics, a recipe for Summer Berry Sorbet.  Go check out her blog, she’s a fabulous seamstress too and a real lover of all things environmentally and ethically friendly!

1 Hello! It’s Jess here, from Jessthetics. I’m so excited to be guest posting on Frugally Peachy today. I have a confession to make – I’m not that fond of ice cream. It’s okay, but it’s not my favourite treat by any means. I much prefer sorbet! The good news is that sorbet is really easy and cheap to make, and it’s (probably) healthier than ice cream! My recipe is for summer berry sorbet because I’m in love with cherries right now, but you could substitute pretty much any fruit that you fancy, or that needs using up.

2You wil need: 1 cup of blueberries, 1 cup of rasberries, 1 cup of cherries, 1/4 cup of sugar and a blender.

3First, remove the stones and stalks from your cherries, and blend all of your fruit, except for a couple of berries which will make a nice garnish later!

4Next you need to make some simple syrup. As the title suggests, it really is simple! Pop your sugar in a pan with 200ml of water and stir over a medium heat until the sugar’s dissolved. Then bring the water to the boil and turn off the heat.

5Once your simple syrup has cooled, combine it with the blended fruit and put the mixture in the freezer. It’ll take hours to freeze, so I suggest doing this in the morning ready to eat in the evening, or leaving it in the freezer overnight.

6Once your mixture has frozen, blend it together until smooth and put it back in the freezer for half an hour.

And that’s it! Scoop out your sorbet, add a couple of berries on top and gobble it up before it melts. Much more refreshing than ice cream, am I right?

7Thanks for letting me guest post on your blog Emma, and I hope you have a wonderful month of writing!

Thanks Jess…I might be a little too distracted to write with this gorgeous recipe! Thanks for sharing!


The Frugal Kitchen: Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

IMG_20140617_180410It isn’t often, at the moment, that I’m getting a sweet craving; but when I do…I need it NOW!  I’ve taken to keeping a few bars of Lidl dark chocolate in the house, just in case the baking mood overtakes me! And on Monday…it sure overtook me!

I make no secret of the fact that I potentially view Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as one of the greatest creations of the modern day.  I love those things, the familiar orange, garish packaging, the satisfying crunch that leads to a smooth hit of peanut butter.  If you’ve seen Fifty First Dates and you’re anything like me, then that scene when Adam Sandler is given a huge box stuffed to the brim with Reese’s is a bit like porn!

Anyway, with a taste for peanut butter and about half a jar left milling around in my cupboard, I decided to try my hand at a cookie homage to my favourite sweet.  I tried a basic peanut butter based recipe and dipped half the cookies in melted dark chocolate for an extra hit.  As usual, I rustled these up from bits hanging around in the kitchen cupboards – and the choice of Lidl chocolate is only 35p per slab, an absolute bargain!  Try them if you dare…

Ingredients (To Make Approximately 8 Large Cookies)

100g Golden Caster Sugar

100g Demerara Sugar

140g Plain Flour

120g Butter (softened)

1 Large Egg

1 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

1/2 tsp Salt

Approx 3 heaped tbsps Smooth Peanut Butter (crunchy is an option)!

100g Dark Chocolate


Preheat the oven to 170 C /150 C for Fan Oven.  Grease a flat baking tray and line with greaseproof paper.IMG_20140617_180513

In a mixing bowl, cream together both sugars and the butter until light and a little fluffy.  Then add your egg and beat until combined.

Follow this by adding the dry ingredients to your mixture – the flour, bicarb and salt.  Mix with a spatula and ensure that the mixture is all incorporated.  Finally, dollop your peanut butter in and mix until combined.

Using a dessert spoon to roughly measure, separate your dough into 8 equal sized balls and place on your prepared baking tray.

Place the cookies in the oven for approximately 20 minutes – the cookies should be golden brown in colour but not hard.  Remove and leave to cool.

Meanwhile, over a pan of boling water, heat your dark chocolate in a bowl.  Once the cookies have cooled, dip one side of each cookie in the melted chocolate, place onto a cooling rack and allow to harden.

Go put the kettle on, relax and enjoy a cuppa with your new favourite frugal cookie!

IMG_20140617_180449Stay Peachy x

The Frugal Kitchen: Garlic Naan Hack!

IMG_20140604_163629A very quick little piece of heaven for you today – I’m aiming to get my Friday posts back to being all about food because, well, I love food.  Food glorious food!

Coming to the end of the week, I always try and eek as much as I can out of my existing ingredients, to avoid going for a food shop.  So, having whipped up a quick veggie curry, using all the veg I had left in my fridge, some chopped toms and the remainder of some tikka masala paste, I really fancied a side to go with it!  A quick check in my bread bin gave me some inspiration…why not have a go yourself at my Crunchy Tortilla Garlic Naans.


One Flour Tortilla (per person)

About a tablespoon of Garlic Paste with Veg Oil (You can also use crushed garlic – ensure it is crushed smoothly)

Salt to taste


Place your tortilla on a flat surface and, using a spreadable knife, smear a very thin layer of garlic paste over the tortilla and sprinkle lightly with salt.  Be sure not to over fill with the paste.

Fold the tortilla in half and repeat the same process – keeping the paste to a minimum.

Finally, fold the tortilla in half again and spread another very thin layer and finish with a sprinkle of salt.

Place under a grill for approximately 4-5 minutes on a medium heat, until the corners of your tortilla naan are starting to brown and the naan itself is hardening.  Serve as a starter or side dish!

Sounds simple?  It’s a great hack and a real money saver too – with very little work and a delicious, crunchy, flour-y taste!

Why not try with ground almonds and a dab of almond oil for a peshwari-style taste?

IMG_20140604_163607Stay Peachy x

The Frugal Kitchen: Avocado Brownies!

mixtureAVOCADO…what now?!?!  Yup, that’s right…and guess what?? They are deliciousness personified!

It’s been a little while since I got creative in the kitchen, I’ve been busy readying meals for me and D, plus trying to eat healthily and shed a teeny bit of weight.  When the chocolate cravings call though, one must act – so I decided to try something a little different!

I’ve had an interest in this amazing cross-genre baking for a while, I tried sweet potato brownies a while back, which were gorgeous and cakey, and low in calories!  avocadoAfter reading several sweet recipes using avocados, I decided to try my hand at a quick, simple and healthier alternative to a full-fat brownie!

When it comes to a bit of frugal baking, I like to use as little ingredients but without sacrificing taste.  A classic brownie recipe should be fuss-free, gooey and satisfying.  We keep avocadoes in abundance in our house; D loves them and I am on a continued quest for long, ebony Priscilla-locks, so they do their bit for me as well!  The recipe below took about ten minutes to mix (once the chocolate had melted) and about 20 minutes in the oven.  The result?  Beautifully rich, gooey, chocolatey goodness and (if you’re a calorie counter – which I, sadly, am) they come in at abotu 272 calories for a large slice!  Go on…give ’em a go!

You Will Need (To Make 10 Large Brownies):

100g Dark Chocolate

4 Eggs

100g Dessicated Coconut

100g Caster Sugar

100g Demerara Sugar

2 tsp Vanilla Extract

70g Cocoa Powder

Handful of Flaked Almonds

1 Large Avocado – mashed

ready to bakeMethod

Over a pan of boiling water, melt your chocolate.  Preheat your oven to 180 C and grease a baking tin (ideally square).

In a bowl, mix your flour, sugars, cocoa powder and vanilla extract.  Pour your melted chocolate and add the eggs and mix until combined.

Finally, add in your mashed avocado and continue to mix until your batter is combined, brown (!) and fairly smooth!

Transfer to your prepared baking tray, sprinkle with flaked almonds and bake for approximately 20 minutes.  Your brownies should be very dark in colour and slightly gooey on the inside.  Remove and leave to cool – or shovel one in straightaway!

finishedStay Peachy x


The Frugal Kitchen: Hashed Beef Teriyaki with Noodles

beef teriyaki finalIt’s needless to say that I’ve been in something of a clearing out mood of late, not least in the kitchen!  Last week, I had some beef left over and, rather than going with the usual casserole, I thought I’d try something with a little more bite to it – whilst using up some of the egg noodles I’d had lying around the cupboards for weeks!

The result?  This rather hashed-together, throw-in-anything-you-like Beef Teriyaki!  Made with some of the obscure spices and vinegars that are forever stocked in my frugal cupboards, I literally spent nothing on this meal and it was DELICIOUS!  I thought I’d pop the recipe up on here BUT, if you don’t have quite the right ingredients then fear not – using basic soy sauces will give you a rich, sticky taste and the cornflour is a must for the right texture!  My measurements are pretty loose on this one, I just went with my tastebuds and added a little where I thought necessary – so I hope it works as well for you as it did for me!  I think the dish would work well with pork and am tempted to try a sweet vegetable version too!  I do hope you enjoy if you give this a go – it’s quick, makes work of those obscure ingredients we all have AND it tastes delicious!

beef ingredientsIngredients (To Serve 2)

200-300g lean braising steak

2 clusters of medium dried egg noodles

1 clove garlic

2 tbsps cornflour

21/2 cups water

2 tsps dark soy sauce

2 tbsp demerara sugar

1tsp granulated white sugar

1/2 tsp crushed chillies

1/2 tsp Chinese Five Spice

1/2 tsp crushed ginger

S&P to taste

dash of red wine vinegar


teriyaki sauce 1In a saucepan with approx 2 cups of water, add all your sugar, spices, soy sauce, red wine vinegar, garlic, ginger and chillies and a bit of S&P and bring to a low boil – continue to heat until the sugar has dissolved, leaving a slightly thickened ‘syrup-like’ texture!

Whilst the sauce is cooking, fry your braising steak until browned and tender, and bring your noodles to the boil in a separate pan.  Remove and drain after 2 minutes (ish).

Once the sugar has dissolved in your sauce, add 1/2 cup (thereabouts) to your cornflour and mix until smooth.  Add this to your sauce and continue to stir until the sauce thickens – keep on a low heat whilst stirring and remove from heat immediately after thickening, to avoid congealing.  In your frying pan, add the sauce to the beef and toss over a low heat until the beef is covered – you’ll notice the beef getting really sticky, try not to over cook (if you value your teeth, anyway)!! beef teriyaki 2Place the cooked noodles into serving dishes and divide up your beef teriyaki – serve and ENJOY!

Stay Peachy x

The Frugal Kitchen: Nanny’s Chocolate Pudding!

chocolate pudding finishedAs you know, when it comes to baking and cooking – I love nothing more than tinkering about in the kitchen, making everything from scratch, including PUDDINGS!!  Now I would say I have a pretty sweet tooth, but I’m also trying to fit back into that vintage leather skirt and I do try to keep my sugar intake down!  BUT – when the winds are howling, the rain is beating against the windows and you’re all snuggled in with a hearty dinner, there is nothing quite like a hearty pudding to round off your evening!!  Literally!

Recently, whilst trying to be frugal with our food budgeting, I’ve been looking for foodie inspiration from the past.  I’m not talking Henry VIII style digging into pies with your hands – but old, simple recipes that were thrown together during rationing, when both food and convenience were scarce.  So I thought I’d try my hand at recreating a little pudding from my youth – my Nanny’s chocolate pudding!

Let me tell you something about my Nanny.  She is an incredible lady, full of zest and fun in her (slightly) younger years, who often looked after me when Mum was at work.  On our family holidays, it was my Nan who would be queuing up to go on all the rollercoasters and, bless her, she even taped an interview with Marilyn Manson that she saw on the TV once, just because she knew I loved him!  Who WOULDN’T be inspired by this lady! I have great memories of having lots of lovely, traditional dinners at her house, but my favourite dish was, by far, her chocolate steamed pudding with chocolate custard!  Sadly, being a lady who cooked from memory, she never wrote the recipe down – so I hope I’ve done it a little bit of justice with my researching, trawling and playing about!  It’s a perfect Sunday dinner recipe, easy to pop together and leave to steam and excellently chocolatey!  As with most recipes I put together, there is always room for experimentation and adding extra ingredients to suit your taste buds!  I do hope you enjoy!

Ingredients (Serves 4-6 – depending on how greedy you’re feeling)!

For the Pudding

110g Soft Salted Butter

170g Plain Flour

110g Golden Caster Sugar

2-3 Tablespoons of Milk

2 Large Eggs,

1 Tablespoon Baking Powder

For the Custard

1-2 Tablespoons of Bird’s Custard Powder

1 Tablespoon Sugar

1-2 Tablespoons Cocoa Powder

1 Pint Milk


In a mixing bowl, cream the sugar and butter until light in colour and fluffy.  Then add the eggs, one by one and mix until combined and smooth.

In a separate bowl, sieve the flour and baking powder together.  Slowly, add the flour mixture to the cream mixture, mixing in a couple of spoons at a time until the mixture is combined.  Add the milk to stop the mixture drying out.

chocolate pudding mix

chocolate pudding whiskOnce the mixture is ready, pour into a grease and prepared pudding bowl, smooth the top and cover with greaseproof paper.  Seal with string around the top (I used some old yarn – Frugally Fabulous Me)!

chocolate pudding basinPlace the pudding bowl in a large crockpot or pan (with a lid) and fill with water until about 2/3 of the bowl is covered.  Place the crockpot lid on and allow to steam for approximately 1 1/14 hours (medium heat on the hob).  Be sure to check the water levels often and remove from the heat once the pudding has steamed.

For the custard – it’s easy enough to follow the instructions on the Bird’s tub, but you add your custard powder, sugar, cocoa powder and about 2 tablespoons from the 1 pint of milk, mix together until a paste forms.  Pour the remaining milk  into a saucepan and bring to the boil.

Once boiling, remove from heat and pour onto the custard paste. Mix together and return the whole mixture to the pan and bring to the boil again, over a gentle heat!

Serve the pudding warm, preferably near a roasting fire, switch the TV off or, at least, indulge in some appropriate viewing, such as Call the Midwife and Bob’s your Uncle…or Pauline’s your Nan!

nanny and meStay Peachy x


Hello ‘Memories March’!

Hello MarchWell…two whole months of my Frugally Fabulous Year have passed!  Hello March indeed!  How is the weather doing where you are?  I’m sat typing this as blissful sunshine seeps through my kitchen window and the babe naps – nursing a teeny tiny cold!  Spring is in the air..well sort of, I always mourn Winter, I’m quite like that!

March, for me, is a very special month this year.  This month, little D turns a whole big 365 days old!  This time last year, I was sat twiddling my thumbs as we passed our due date and I became ever more tired and immobile.  Snow was on the ground when D was finally born – I can’t say for sure but it’s looking slightly warmer for our planned trip to White Post Farm to celebrate.

So what’s on for Frugally Peachy this month?  Well, as you can imagine, I’ve been working through a few Birthday projects that I think are great (and frugal) ideas for Birthday presents.  We have our #CraftBlogClub big unveil tomorrow evening of the I Re-Love You challenge, so I’m looking forward to showing you my progress here and I can’t WAIT to see what everyone has come up with!

Paint brushesAside from that, the knitting needles have been clicking again and I’m FINALLY starting to get over my fear of the Sewing Machine, which is just as well – because I’m bored of my clothes and I’m ready to inject some new life into my wardrobe!  One of my toughest challenges, so far, has been learning to re-imagine new ideas with fabrics and get to grips with sewing basics, but I’m determined to get there!

With talk of Spring and, of course, my Frugal Kitchen, Mr J and I have started looking at growing our own fruit, veg and herbs.  In truth, we have the tiniest garden known to man – so look out for some posts and projects on making the best of a small garden space!

With Spring, always comes the need for a huge de-clutter!  I try to keep our house free of clutter as often as I can – but I’ve been clearing out a whole host of D’s old bits and a few of mine and I’m planning to do a couple of blog sales!  So if you’re looking for new baby bits or even thinking of treating yourself to something – I could have JUST the thing!

I think, as each month goes on, I’m getting more and more used to not spending money.  Even last month’s Waterstones issue has got me thinking about how I can move forward – and I will need YOU, fellow bookworms!  Here’s what else I’m up to at the moment…

Book shelfCurrently Reading: ‘The Power of Now’ Eckhart Tolle –  I’m quite into spirituality and I had been wanting to read this book for ages, after it was recommended in a magazine by Boy George, of all people!  So far, though I think the premise and ideas are good, I remain unconvinced by the writing itself.  But I do think it challenges a very ‘modern’ way of forward thinking and planning and perhaps there is much to be had by simply taking in the present world around you!

The Power of nowCurrently Watching: Sense and Sensibility – Since my Thursday night Dracula treat has finished, I’ve been struggling to find something on TV that I actually enjoy!  I do like a programme to sink my teeth (ha ha) into.  I stumbled across this on the Drama channel and thought I’d tuck right in!  I love the story of Sense and Sensibility and with actors like David Morrissey and Dominic Cooper in this adaptation, it’s a really strong re-telling, though doesn’t quite beat the Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet film of the 90s – nothing like a wistful hour wishing you were flouncing around in Austen period!

Currently Blog Crushing – I suppose not shopping means I can live vicariously through other bloggers who like to show their reviews and purchases!  I recently came into contact with Naomi from Style Face Beauty – a local lass who loves to shop!  Her blog is lovely, great product reviews and some wonderful advice on healthy eating, I’m totally coveting the Lemon and Chia Seed Tea right now!

Made Peachy – look out for my post about fellow Peachy Person Laura Strutt’s book, The Sewing Manual, this month – time and time again I head over to Laura’s blog for a bit of inspiration and, of course, craft porn!

Daydreams and Sunshine – Jenni’s blog is so crafty and creative, I am particularly loving this post about making her own knickers – I’ve already suggested a bra-making competition!!!

Currently Working On: I’ve become a little obsessed with mini-bunting!  I’ll be posting some more on this later in the month, but it seriously makes everything look so damn cute AND hardly costs a penny!!!

So let me wish you the happiest of March’s, filled with Pancakes, Mummies and weird weather – as I finish this, it has started hailing!!

Stay Peachy x




The Frugal Kitchen: Easy Butternut and Leek Risotto

risotto finishedTesting and trying new recipes is one of my favourite things to do.  I love rustling up savoury and, of course, sweet treats for us to try and cooking healthily has taken on a new dimension with the babe to feed too.

I have been thinking of a ‘Frugal Kitchen Essentials’ Post, as I ‘think’ I’ve managed to really cut back on our food spending and cook delicious food on a budget.  I say ‘I think’, I am the only one who has judged this so far!

One thing I am forever keeping stocked, is butternut squash.  I love cooking and roasting the stuff, blending it up in soup form and, if you like your veg, it’s great for going a long long way in the kitchen.  It’s a great cupboard staple for the winter months, is very low in calories and very high in Anti-Oxidants, Vitamin A and Vitamin B-6.  For between £1-2, depending on where you food shop, a large Butternut Squash can be a great base for 2 or even 3 meals……such as this one.  Today I thought I’d share my recipe for an easy Butternut and Leek Risotto!

butternut heavenrisotto close upIngredients (to serve 4):

1/3 Large Butternut Squash – skin removed and diced

1 Leek – chopped finely

1 Onion – chopped finely

1 Pint Chicken or Vegetable Stock

About 100g Arborio Risotto Rice

50g grated cheese.

S&P to taste


In a steaming pan, place your diced butternut squash and leave to steam, with the lid on for about 20-25 mins.

In a frying pan, heat up a dash of oil and pop your onions in to soften, but not brown.  Meanwhile, boil some water and mix your stock, keep in a sauce pan over a low heat to keep the stock at a good temperature.

When the onions are softened, add your arborio rice to the pan and allow to fry for a minute or so.  Slowly, add your stock and keep stirring the rice until the liquid condenses.  Keep repeating this process, until the rice begins to absorb and soften.  Taste test – the rice should be soft but with a slight bite to it.

When the butternut has been steaming for about 20 minutes, add the chopped leeks and replace lid for a further 5 minutes.  When the vegetables are soft and cooked through, remove from the steaming pan and add to the rice mixture – add the final bit of stock, Herbs, Salt and Pepper to taste and the Grated Cheese and allow to cook for a few minutes until all combined.

Serve either on its own or with some indulgent warm bread for a cosy, evening supper!

This is a great evening meal and costs less than £3 for something nutritious, warming and great for adults and kids.  Steaming the butternut squash and leeks also help to keep more of the nutrients where they should be plus, leaving the seasoning until last, means you can put some aside for your little one!

daisy risottoSo there you have it, a simple meal from The Frugal Kitchen and one I rely on time and again.  Do you have any great Butternut recipes to share??

Stay Peachy x

Frugally Ever After: Salted Caramel Cupcakes

Cupcake FinishedWhat’s life without a little sweet treat every now and then?  I might have been treating us all with a little too much sweetness of late…BUT here’s another lovely recipe and an idea for The Big V.  I’ve been trying to watch the cals this year and, to be honest, I’m missing baking something chronic!  So, with Mr J’s Birthday at the start of the month, I took this as perfect timing to try a new recipe – inspired by old-fashioned movie dates, teamed with a love of a good cupcake! I give you…Salted Caramel Cupcakes!

The sponge is a basic recipe I use for all my cupcakes and cakes.  It’s light, fluffy and easy to add to – not to mention the use of simple ingredients makes them relatively cheap as well.  For this recipe,  I’ve used tinned caramel and added my own rock salt for a really nice, contrasting tang; you can of course make your own caramel too, but tinned caramel is sold in most large supermarkets costing £1.59 for one tub.  These are a great twist on the old caramel popcorn taste – so I’ve tied them in with the idea of a stay-in movie date!  Fancy giving them a go??

Ingredients (to make 12)

For the Sponge:

280g Golden Caster Sugar

240g Self Raising Flour

80g Soft Salted Butter

1 tsp Natural Vanilla Extract

240g Semi Skimmed Milk

2 Large Eggs

Pinch of Salt (optional)

Approximate 100g Tinned Caramel

For the Frosting:

500g Icing Sugar

140g Soft Salted Butter

Approx 35-40g Tinned Caramel

25ml Semi Skimmed Milk

Pinch of Salt

(Remaining Tinned Caramel for drizzling)


Preheat an oven to 160 C (approximately 150 C for a fan) and line a 12-hole muffin tin with cases.

In a mixing bowl, using a food mixer, whisk the sugar, flour, pinch of salt and butter, until combined into a breadcrumb consistency.

Cupcakes CollageIn a separate bowl, mix the eggs, milk and vanilla extract and pour, slowly, into the dry mix.  Mix until combined and smooth.

Using a scoop or deep spoon, fill each cupcake case about 1 third full.  Then spoon about a teaspoon of the tinned caramel into each case, finishing by filling the cases with the rest of the cake mix.  The cases should be about 2/3 full.  Pop in the oven for 15-18 mins, remove when the cakes are golden brown and springy to touch.  Oh, and they pass the knife test! Leave to cool on a cooling rack.

To make the frosting, use the food mixer to beat the icing sugar and butter together until sandy-textured with no big lumps.  In a jug, mix the milk and tinned caramel and slowly add to the icing mixture, combining until the icing is creamy but can stand stiff in peaks.

Once the cakes have cooled, use a piping bag and medium nozzle to pipe the icing on each cake.  Using a smaller, writing nozzle, pour the remaining tinned caramel into a separate bag and drizzle lightly over each cake – don’t be too precious about this, perfection isn’t necessary!  Finish by sprinkling with a little salt (rock salt adds a wonderful crunch).

Serve in retro candystripe tubs with a choice of your all time favourite movies!!  Snuggle on the sofa and eat to your heart’s content!  This Frugal Valentines Day, it really is the little things!

Stay Peachy x

The Frugal Kitchen: Easy Nutella Brownie Bites

brownies finished

If, like me, you felt a little cheated at finding out yesterday was ‘World Nutella Day, just a little too late; then I have JUST the frugal solution for you!

I am a huge fan of baking but, with watching my weight and all that, I tend to keep baking sweet treats to a minimum.brownies nutella  I think baking should always be simple and I’ve pratted about in the kitchen enough to be able to put together a simple cake or brownie recipe, adding bits to it when I fancy mixing the flavours up.  And that’s just what I’ve done with the THIRD OFF Nutella I picked up from the local Co-op this morning!

Not content with missing the ‘World Nutella Day’ event – obviously just an excuse to crack open the jar and eat straight from it – I thrashed together these simple little brownies which use very few ingredients and look FANTASTIC stacked with a little ribbon.  Are you thinking?? Yup – how about a little lunch box surprise for The Big V!  Why not give them a go yourself?  They’re easy to bake – just keep an eye on them in the oven as they cook pretty quickly!  Note: I have used the whole jar, partly because I can’t be trusted with it in the house!

I’ve popped a few prices down too – most ingredients are great to have in the house, in case of a sudden baking attack or the appearance of an unexpected guest!


1 x 400g Nutella (currently £1.56 at Co-op)

170g Caster Sugar (small 500g bag costs £1)

3 Medium Eggs (1 box of six costs 95p from Lidl)

50g Salted Butter (£1.02 basics range)

85g Self-Raising Flour (own-brand costs around 45p for 500g)

1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract (£1.59 approx from local supermarkets)

PInch of salt


Preheat the oven to 170C and line a square baking tray with greaseproof paper.

Over a saucepan of water, in a heatproof bowl, heat the butter and half the Nutella over a medium heat.

Meanwhile, in a mixing bowl, whisk the caster sugar, vanilla extract and 2 eggs until combined and smooth.  Once the Nutella and butter have melted together and softened – remove from heat and add, slowly to the sugar mixture.  Use the whisk to combine the mixtures together until smooth.

brownies collage

In a separate bowl, mix the flour and salt, then add, slowly to the mixture.  Fold together until the mixture is combined.  Spoon in most of the remaining Nutella and combine.

Pour the mixture into the prepared cake tin and bake for approximately 20 minutes.  The brownie should be ready once it’s dark brown and a knife remains clean when stuck through the middle.

Leave to cool on a rack for a short while then, using a palette knife, spread the remaining Nutella on top of the brownie and cut into small sections.  If you want to pop these into a lunchbox or give as a little gift, why not stack a few and wrap with a pretty ribbon?

If not…sit back, enjoy with a hot cuppa and bask in the fact that World Nutella Day, in fact, is not yet over!!!!

Stay Peachy x