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Hello May!


May indeed….I’d still like to know what happened to April!  One minute, I was clearing away the paper plates from Miss D’s BIG 1, then suddenly I blink and the sun is warmer, the days are longer and we are fast approaching the half way mark for my Frugally Fabulous Year!

I seem to still be a little sporadic with posts at the moment.  I have every intention of getting there, please bear with me!  I guess, at the moment, I don’t feel as if I have much to say.  I’m still not spending – other than in cheap DIY stores and a tad on eBay – I’ve been vaguely creative in the kitchen, but everything has been overshadowed with adjusting to a new routine.  I feel a bit silly saying that, about twenty minutes ago I watched the most inspiring interview with Michelle Knight, one of the women held captive by Ariel Castro for over a decade, which really puts my minor niggles in my, otherwise lovely, new life in total perspective.  If you get a chance, and if you can handle some slightly difficult content, I would definitely recommend watching it – the strength and spirit of that woman is just out of this world.

So…what have I been up to for the duration?  Well, I’ve been busy prepping a few bits for my new brand, slowly adjusting to a new routine and I’ve been making little plans for big changes to my house!  On Tuesday, I took the plunge and painted a red feature wall in my bedroom.  Having always been drawn to the gothic – I figured a fresh coat of deep red and some lush new bedding from a local soft furnishings shop in Sherwood, would help to reclaim my space.  I’ve just won some fab curtains on eBay too and can’t wait to show you more of my handy work around the home.

new bedroomAnyway, as usual, May is shaping up to be busy busy with lots of exciting bits to look forward to!  This month, I’m hoping to get a little more in-depth about my second-hand wardrobe and I’ve been back in the kitchen conjuring up a few recipes – both frugal with a healthy focus – everyone’s a winner!

With all these recent changes, my own crafty mojo seems to have hit the fan recently.  I’ve had barely enough time to do all the bits and pieces I need to – I’m a little late joining in with MeMadeMay, so I’ve decided to take back a little bit of control and launch my own #Project34 on the blog.  To celebrate the last 34 weeks of my Frugally Fabulous Year – not that I have any plans to return to the High Street – and to continue to challenge myself in the crafting arena, each week I will be taking on one personal craft/DIY project and posting about my progress with it.  I figure, with the unexpected winds of change 2014 has brought my way, I can be forgiven for not being able to stitch a dress together right now, but it doesn’t mean my handmade lifestyle isn’t important to me.  So, with #Project34, each project could be as big or small as I see fit – something for the home, the wardrobe or even just getting on with a bit of overdue painting.  I think when you start crafting for a living, you need to take the time to enjoy it for yourself as well – so I aim to wow you with my handmade goodness over the coming months!  Look for for my first #Project34 post coming this weekend…here’s a little teaser for now!

cross stitchIf you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you might have seen a couple of subtle updates about my new brand The Gothic Librarian – a handcrafted brand that I’m launching in June.  After much deliberation, time-management planning and to-ing and fro-ing, I’ve decided to go ahead and start making literature and culture-inspired things to sell! gothic librarian I’m pretty excited about it, I’ll be telling you a little more about the premise of The Gothic Librarian in the coming weeks, but I’ll be running a blog alongside it to partly showcase some of my fiction writing – I do hope you’ll give us a follow and like what I come up with!

The end of May also sees our next Midlands Blogger Meet – this time in Birmingham, with a focus on beauty.  Kelly and I are busy behind the scenes putting together something spectacular for our attendees – we will be emailing everyone on our attendees list soon, but if you want to come along please do drop me an email at missemmaberry@gmail.com – the more the merrier!

#midsblogmeet Brum

With all this excitement, I can hardly forget to mention that in 16 days, I am going to see NINE INCH NAILS!  The one band I’ve loved for half my life, who I have never seen! I really can’t wait to go – I can feel the 16 year old me fighting swiftly to the surface, I’m just gutted I threw out my DMs and stripy tights!  I’m sure I’ll be insta-spamming the heck out of my evening!

I think that’s about it from me, for now, I best go get scheduling, planning and stitching away!  Wishing you all the very happiest of Mays…

Me piercedStay Peachy x