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I Am Super Capes: Crafting for A Cause….


i am super capes final BIG

Having run #CraftBlogClub over on Twitter for NEARLY A YEAR – I’ve been lucky enough to interact with some wonderful charities that use crafting for good causes.  I stumbled across Claudia who runs I AM SUPER CAPES a little while ago and, as her charity was so new, I wanted to feature her wonderful work and spread the word for her.  And the best thing?  If you’re a crafty sew and sew (ha) – you can get involved!

1619516_735088179870717_7445558403150310978_nThe idea for I Am Super Capes was born when its founder Claudia, worked along side Mercy For Action, a fantastic charity that works with children on the island of Cebu in the Philippines.  As she had worked with them when we did our amazing collection, in the aftermath of the devastating typhoon Haiyan, she found she wanted to do more.

        “I really wanted to do more after the non-stop 3 weeks of collection for the Philippines.  I came across a website about a lady that make superhero capes for children fighting illnesses in the USA.  I love the idea as I have 3 boys and I know how putting a cape on a child transforms them into little Superheroes, ‘flying’ around and having fun.  As I had worked with Mercy In Action for our Philippine collection I decided to work with them again and make them my first mission.”

I Am Super Capes-25Having been inspired by the lady behind Tiny Superheroes, who makes and sends capes to ill children in hospital, Claudia set about making and sending 21 capes to the children in The Phillipines and they were given to a group of 1st graders on their first day at school.  It was amazing to get the pictures and see their happy smiling faces.

Claudia started with a sewing machine, a basic sewing lesson from a local mum and some donated fabric.  After setting up business pages on Facebook and Twitter, she started spreading the word about I Am Supercapes.  What followed was a wonderful donation from a lady in Buckinghamshire of 21 capes and the start of something beautiful, fun and very much from the heart.  Claudia is also in the process of registering as a charity, which will enable Claudia to attract funding to aid in purchasing fabric for her little heroes!

After completing her first mission alongside Mercy for Action, Claudia turned her ideas to helping children who are ill or in hospital.  Having already started to make capes, her first Little Hero was a little boy called Lewis, who has been in hospital for 6 months.  Having come across his story on Twitter, Claudia got in touch with Lewis’ Mother and made a Toy Story and Chuggington themed cape for him.  Whilst she knows that her donation of a personalised cape doesn’t take away their illness, she believes that it helps to put a smile on their face and forget their hardships, even if just for a little bit.

Lewis Tupper Collage

Although still in the early stages of development – having officially launched in January 2014, I Am Supercapes, has already been nominated for a Community Organisation Award at the National Diversity Awards.  They are also holding two huge events later in the year, the first being a Super Skydive.  On the 13th September 2014 Claudia and her team are jumping from an aeroplane 10 000 feet up to raise money for I Am Super Capes.  A terrifying yet exhilarating experience.  Our other event is a Swishing Event.  In October 2014 they are holding a fantastic Ladies evening swapping good quality used clothing.  Fun, fizz, canapes and clothes.  Claudia is also hoping to confirm a pop-up weekend sewing shop in Winchester, be sure to check out the website as there will be more details to follow.

So, all that remains to be said is just how YOU can get involved with I Am Super Capes,

              ”  There are basically four ways you can get involved:
1 – Source fabric and send it to us. This could be fabric from a store, duvets, curtains, sheets etc. As these are going to childrenthe brighter & happier the better.
2 – Make capes for us (we can send you a paper template if you require),our only ask is that you use velcro on the neck straps.
3 – Organise a sewing day/morning/evening. We can help you spead the word of your event and we can help you source fabric.
4 – Donate money to us to be able to purchase fabric when needed.”

So many ways to get involved with such a fantastic idea, why not give Claudia’s charity a follow on Twitter and Facebook, she’s already doing such wonderful work, I’m excited to see where her idea takes her in the future.  She has pure enthusiasm for giving something fun to children who cannot live life to the full and I for one, can’t wait to get involved where I can.

“Every child deserves to be a Superhero, no matter who they are,where they live, whatever they are going through. Every child deserves the right to be a child, to have some time to be able to get away from the hardships and stress of the situation/environment they are in.
That is why I Am Superhero capes was born. We are wanting to send capes to these children. To help light up their imaginations, to give them a moment of respite from what is around them.
To give them the POWER to be children!”