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Hello January: New Year, Frugal You??

heart pieWelcome!  You made it here!  I know, I know, I’ve been talking about this little project for quite some time and, well, HERE IT IS!  Frugally Peachy, ‘The Artist Formerly Known as Life is Peachy’ is live, up and running and eager to get started!

I hope you enjoyed waving a fond farewell to 2013, the year that was and that you are nestling in well to 2014.  The question is; will you accept my challenge?  Why not make 2014 a Frugally Fabulous Year!

I suppose, for those who aren’t familiar with my previous blog, I should give a little introduction.  I’m Emma ‘Peachy’ Berry, a Freelance Writer, Avid Crafter, Vintage Hoarder, Undiscovered Author, Not-So-Secret Goth, Practically Professional Mixer of Genres, Barbara Good Wannabe and Rock and Roll Mama to Daisy May – who is almost One Year Old.  I currently reside in Nottingham, though I’m a Southerner at heart, with my beau Mr Jeffery.  Last year, I started to chart my search to find the ‘you’ in ‘Mummy’, on my blog Life is Peachy.  I wrote about pretty much anything that I was passionate about – from fashion to recipes, crafts to promoting the work of some wonderful small businesses.  I maintain a strong belief in not losing your identity once you have a little one to chase after and, for the most part, I think I remained true to my word.  Nearly one year on and you will still find me freshly eye-linered, shoehorning listens of inappropriate metal at any given opportunity and generally doing all the things I was vehemently told I wouldn’t do anymore!

Wardrobe 2

A Frugally Fabulous Year…

In October 2013, I launched my idea of a year-long challenge, The Frugally Fabulous Year.  The challenge was to go a whole 365 days without shopping for clothes in a high street store.  Why?  Well, aside from undertaking a huge lifestyle change in the form of becoming a ‘work-at-home mum’, not to mention my own acquired vintage-inspired taste in clothes; the way in which we shop as a society had really begun to bother me.  It still bothers me.  It bothers me that mass global conglomerates still use sweatshops to produce second-rate, fast fashion and that employees are forced to work in terrible, often dangerous conditions for little more than a few pence per item.  It bothers me that landfills are gradually overflowing with the aforementioned, discarded fast-fashion (easily bought, even more easily discarded) and that we, in the UK continue to spend like there is no tomorrow with little or no thought to where our clothes come from, how they are made and how sustainable our way of life really is.  Call me crazy, but I decided to opt out of the mass market.  Not wanting to relinquish my sense of style though (I once had a pile of Vogues nearly as tall as me), I decided I wanted to find my own way to keep it that way.  The response was wonderful, I was overwhelmed by how many people were encouraged to try the same thing, I was eager to start advancing my own craftiness by learning to dress-make and dreaming up wonderful tutorials.

Setting the challenge made me feel really great – until the stench of mass-consumerism began to rear its ugly head in every crevice of my life – my kitchen, my bathroom, my child and more.  So I got to thinking, if I was going to sack off consumerism in my wardrobe, why not try depleting it altogether?  I didn’t think the concept was hard; I hate shopping, I hate looking like anyone else, I bargain-hunt as much as I can, I have a passion for learning new crafts, I pretty much cook all our meals from scratch and I refuse to be sucked in by the explosion of the ‘kiddy-food’ industry – parenting is hard enough, without feeling chastised for feeding your child fresh, carefully-prepped ‘normal’ food, that doesn’t ooze out of bright packaging, labelled with gawking animated characters.  So, somewhere between knitting my butt off for Christmas and welcoming 2014; the seedlings of Frugally Peachy began to sprout.

Here’s the cold, hard truth; we have become a society of emotional shoppers, who place sole value on what we have and not who we are.  Here’s my cold, hard response; FUCK THAT.  Not that I’m planning to get all carbon-footprinted, eco warrior over this; but I know I’m not alone in my thinking.  My blogging path has crossed with like-minded others, who are interested in this project, whether it’s environmental, ethical, financial, sociological or otherwise.  I figured other people would want to read about my journey, so I decided it was time to migrate my blog over to something shiny, new and exciting.

So here it is, Frugally Peachy; the blog that charts my journey into the world of all things frugally fabulous.  Expect Crafting (lots), Lifestyle, Home-making and Upcycling Projects (more than you can shake a stick at), Recipes (lots), Tutorials and a little bit of the psycho-analysis stuff along the way.  I hope to provide a little bit of inspiration and a whole heap of handmade goodness.  I hope not to throw my sewing machine out the window and, most of all, I hope you’ll join me in finding your own frugally fabulous feet!  Here’s to creating a fabulous life, with a handmade pricetag!

Stay Peachy x