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Frugally Ever After: Anatomical Heart Card

Heart Card 2So far, this year, I have prided myself on NOT buying any greetings cards; instead, choosing to make little cards from card, scraps and stickers I have lying around the house.  As much as I love a good fuelling of my stationery addiction in Paperchase, it’s an expense I can do without on my Frugally Fabulous Year.

If you read my last blog, you might be aware that I started messing about with a little bit of papercrafting – though I admit to being pretty mediocre at it.  I love paper crafting and I’ve seen some incredible illustrations recently, I just wish I was better at it!  Still….February means all sorts of cards in store for friends and family, and what better way to start than with an Anatomical Heart Valentine’s Card!  Using some basic card, fabric scraps and a craft knife; I came up with this pretty sweet idea – frugal, fabulous AND A great way to use up those bothersome fabric scraps!  I kept the outline fairly simple, but clear – give me another year and I’ll be able to cut in all the arteries and pumps!  I finished off with the classic ‘You Are Here’ sign, with an arrow pointing to the heart – a sweet and slightly different way to say ‘I Love You’!  Fancy doing your own??  Here’s a simple tutorial


1 Piece of A4 Black Card

1 Piece of A4 Coloured Paper

1 Scrap Fabric – approximately A5 sized

A Craft Knife and Craft Mat

Superglue or Bonding Glue

1 Silver Pen

White Chalk (for drawing template – I find Tailor’s chalk really useful for getting clearer lines)

Patterned Washi Tape (optional)


Firstly, fold your blank black card in half, width ways and flatten out again.  With your chalk, draw out a rough template of your anatomical heart shape – I took to Pinterest for a bit of inspiration and found tonnes of pictures to help me!

Once you are happy with your template, Heart Card 3it’s time to get cutting on the craft mat – be careful to make small, sharp strokes and take your time as much as you can.  I used a medium blade on my craft knife, which is great for bold outlining.  Work your way around the template and, once you have finished, discard your inner template…or, indeed, keep it for more hearty crafts at a later date!  Using  your craft knife, tidy up any scrappy bits or paper frays that you didn’t quite get first time round.

At this point, if you are using washi tape (I had this lovely musical washi tape from an old project I did a couple of Christmasses ago), now is the time to stick it, in no particular order to your scrap of fabric – applying it afterwards might leave short joins when it is attached to the card.

Using your superglue or bonding glue (I use a great lightweight, heavy duty glue from Wilkos – just £1.50 and great for crafting), glue the edges of your chosen fabric to the inside of your black card, so that the heart shape is covered by your fabric.

To finish, glue your coloured paper over the top of the fabric, inside the card, and allow to dry for a couple of hours.  Once completed, all that’s left to do is write a decidedly soppy/unsoppy message and leave somewhere for your loved one to find next Friday!!

Hey…if you do decide to give this, or any of my other tutorials a go – I would LOVE for you to upload a picture on my Facebook page or to twitter – tagging @LivePeachy #FrugallyEverAfter – I love seeing my work in action!!

Stay Peachy x

Heart Card 1