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#MidsBlogMeet 2 – The Beauty Brum Edition!

all of usIf you’re a regular reader of Frugally Peachy, you’ll be aware that back in February, alongside the PR-mastermind that is Kelly from To Become Mum, we hosted our first #midsblogmeet in Nottingham.  A selection of mummy and beauty bloggers from around the Midlands area all came together for a fabulous event…an event we were so proud of, we immediately set to work organising the next one!

cherry reds1On Saturday 31st May, a group of stylish and beauty-obsessed bloggers (and me, who is basically a walking eyeliner), descended upon the quirky and fabulous Cherry Reds cafe bar, in Birmingham, for #midsblogmeet mk 2!  This was to be a little more focused on beauty and it was wonderful to meet some lovely new faces, some great tweeple I often converse with – I’m looking at you, Caroline and Naomi – and get to grips with two amazing brands who came along to talk on the day.

Elvis and Me

Elvis and Me

We had an upstairs room in Cherry Reds all booked out with lovely mood lighting and red walls (I thought I’d just woken up in my own room).  The tables and chairs were mismatched with fabulous colour schemes and a vintage feel to the decor, throughout.  I must say, at this point, Cherry Reds are lucky to still be in possession of this beautiful Elvis mirror – thanks to my enabling blogger friends who did offer to throw their coats over it as we exited!

One by one, some lovely familiar faces from our first meet arrived and some fab new faces too.  We had a very chilled start to the day, sitting around a table and reminiscing about Heather Shimmer lipstick (they still make it) and grungy band tees!  Once we all introduced ourselves (something I STILL haven’t mastered from the first meet), we had our first talk of the day.

cherry reds 2

Che…e…ee.rry Bay-yay-by!

The lovely Jo, from Weleda, brought a range of products to show us from the brand’s many ranges.  Starting with the baby range – using soft and calming calendula and camomile, right through to the natural anti-ageing properties of Pomegranate.  Being interested in organic products, Kelly and I thought Weleda (who played a huge part in our first meet) would be a fantastic brand to promote on the day.  With over 100 years experience, Weleda started out as a medicinal company, founded by the great Rudolf Steiner, who developed the range to care for both the inner and outer body.  Today the brand can boast such celebrity fans as Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham and Simon Cowell – luxurious and natural products but at a surprisingly affordable price.  Weleda can trace each ingredient back to its origin – which is great news for those of us who are becoming more interested in what EXACTLY has gone into our cosmetics.

Jo talks us through the Weleda products

Jo talks us through the Weleda products

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to test such great products from Weleda, I was particularly interested in trying their deodorants and toothpastes – the salt toothpaste was amazingly zingy!  Whilst the baby range seems wonderfully calming for BOTH baby and me and outstanding products such as the bath milks and skin food are well worth the investment.  Jo was passionate about Weleda, it was interesting to hear more about the properties of each ingredient as well as the four stages in which Weleda’s ranges are tailored.  Thank you Jo for sharing such a great talk with us!


ambienceAfter a spot of lunch (a grilled halloumi and roasted veg sandwich, to be precise), a bit of caffeine fuel and a chance to test more Weleda products, we welcomed the equally wonderful Suzie from Xenca to talk about the brand’s many many wonderful products.  I’ve been lucky enough to chat to Suzie over Twitter quite regularly, so I was more than excited to finally meet her lovely 9 month old boy Harry – a most gorgeous and very well behaved babe throughout the whole day and her very helpful husband Chris – who endorses the work of Xenca just as much as Suzie does!

I had been really keen to get Xenca involved with our meet – at just 2 years old, the company is still relatively new and, much the same as Weleda, endorses natural and organic products that are ethically-sound, cruelty-free and work WITH your skin.


Xenca’s very own Suzie…and a chair

Suzie’s talk was highly informative, after a few scary skin statistics, we had a chance to try to some of the products from the Eternity skincare range – from cleaners to moisturisers.  The range was delicate on the skin, leaving no residue but carefully and thoroughly removing traces of make-up.  Within the Eternity range, we were all given the opportunity to try a shot of Collagen powder AND a Five a Day + shot too – all geared up to help our bodies with general health, wellbeing and aiding in the ageing process!

Lastly, Suzie took us through the extensive range of Xenca’s Perfection make-up line.  A collection of make up made from natural and organic ingredients (everything bar the eyeliner and mascara), complete with cruelty-free testing AND recycled cardboard packaging.  Whilst the foundations and concealers are available in basic colour ranges, Xenca have some gorgeous lipstick and eyeshadow shades AND Suzie very kindly gave our bloggers a free gift of a lipstick or shadow of their choice.  It will come as no surprise to you that I chose the ‘Cherry’ shade in their lipstick range…here I am being all Coco Chanel (Chloris Boris you made my life with that comment on Instagram) and roadtesting it.  One long town trip, one mardy child, one cheese scone and a cuppa and two cheeky glasses of peach ice tea later… the lipstick was riding high!  And I absolutely LOVE the shade!

me and cherry lipstick

Coco Peachy!!!!

So, after a fun and fact-filled afternoon, it was time for some of the more dedicated to hit the shops, whilst I squeezed onto a train back to Notts and took the opportunity to catch up with Caitlin (in literary form) and Marilyn (in Spotify form), before I had my dinner stolen by a very cheeky Miss D upon my return home!

We had an absolutely blast organising and hosting this event and I’d like to thank the lovely bloggers who came to see us on the day and I hope you enjoyed what we put on as much as we did.  Also another thank you to Suzie and Jo for coming along and giving such interesting talks, the success of the day made everything so worth it that, I’m sure, in the future, Kelly and I will get our heads together to organise the third!

And if you’re looking for some fab new blogs to read…check out these beauties and go give them some bloglovin!


And, if you took part in the day, be sure to link your post up at the bottom here, I can’t wait to read more of your experiences of #midsblogmeet the Brum edition!

#midsblogmeet Brum

Stay Peachy x

Come Join Us

ANNOUNCEMENT: Midlands Beauty Blog Meet

So…April is almost in full swing, I have the most beautiful calendar picture to stare at all month and I’m busy furrowing away, sorting out the crap and prepping for life and love as a Lone Wolf Mama!  Posts to follow PLUS that teriyaki recipe I so promised on Instagram the other day but, in the meantime, I thought I’d share an exciting announcement…..Kelly and I are at it again – WE ARE ORGANISING ANOTHER MEET UP!

#midsblogmeet Brum

Moving on from the success of our first #midsblogmeet, we have decided to put together a beauty-focused meet up, this time taking place in Birmingham, at a fab, quirky little venue called Cherry Reds, perfectly nestled near Birmingham New Street station.  It will run from 11-3pm on Saturday 31st May and we would LOVE you to come along!

So if you’re keen to meet other bloggers, you love a bit of beauty talk or fancy a Saturday afternoon out with some like-minded cool people, why not email me (missemmaberry@gmail.com) or Kelly (tobecomemum@gmail.com) to register your interest – if you’re not specifically a beauty blogger, please don’t worry, we would love to meet you anyway!

We will have more info to follow and I’m sure Kelly and I will have a few surprises up our sleeves for you; but for now, please feel free to get in touch and share this event with your friends too!

If you’re a beauty brand and you’d like to be part of our meet-up – then please email missemmaberry@gmail.com to discuss further!

Stay Peachy x


Frugally Beautiful: A Letter to my Daughter

frugally beauty 1 Dear Miss Daisy,

This month you have turned a whole One Year Old!  How time flies!  You’ve grown so much, from a tiny little smidge of a person to a lovely, funny and inquisitive little girl.  You love toy rabbits, you love organising things, you’re becoming quite a bookworm and I’m so glad, you seem to be becoming quite the little Elvis fan!

Recently, you’ve taken to watching my morning make-up ritual; something I used to love doing when you slept a little longer in the mornings.  You’re still so little, but I often wonder what you think – why the eye flicks?  Why the eyebrows?  There are people who think I over-do it, now I’m a Mum.  But this little ritual goes way way back before you were even a twinkle in my eye and, whilst we are bombarded with images of ‘beauty’ every day in our media (Christ only knows how it will be when you grow up), my image partially serves to teach you a strong message.  Image IS important, but not in the way you might think.

I believe that you should look at yourself in the mirror, every day, and see a representation of the person YOU want to be.  If that’s made-up, dressed down, fashion-addict, goth, sports-luxe, following the trend, bucking the trend – whatever it is, OWN it.  Far too often, in life, we look for justification in the opinions of others; ‘likes’ on social media, attention in an unknown place, the promise of notice from a brave stranger. The world, as we know it now, is a million miles away from what it was when I was growing up.  Everywhere, the message seems to be about being beautiful – ‘DREAM this, BEST EVER that’ – striving to be better, on the outside.  Don’t believe the hype.  Stars and models are airbrushed and made-up to inconceivable levels; the lines between the real and fantasy world grow ever more blurred.  These dream products don’t make you happy, they don’t complete you in any way.  What these people should really be teaching is how to have a happy heart and a healthy soul.

frugally beauty 2I wonder if you’ll remember Mummy took a lot of pride in her appearance.  If I have my way, I’ll be an embarrassingly cool old woman who will still be rocking a full fringe and a wing-ed eye well into my nineties.  It’s taken me a decade to get there but I’m happy with who I am.  I’ve learnt that the outer shell is just another layer guarding my little onion soul, and it’s your soul that needs to be nurtured the most.  The people in your life; friends, family, future relationships, who will want to peel away at those layers, will be the ones worth taking with you on your journey. 

The truth is, I don’t always like the little lumps and bumps, the dark circles, the telltale signs of long nights and early mornings.  But I do like how my body will always bear the scars of you.  I like how comfortable I am starting to feel in my own skin and how much I feel I can achieve in my new life, with you.  I’m not afraid to stand out, to dress-up like every day has a special occasion waiting for me.  Your image IS important because it should only ever say this; ‘I Answer to Nobody, I am Strong in Who I Am, What I Do and Where I Am Going.  I Will Never Be Anyone Else and I’m OK With That.’ 

DREAM BIG, seek out your deepest desires and go forth in the world to get them.  Let your outer shell bear the scars of all that you fight and conquer and never be ashamed to walk your own path.  Listen without judgement, laugh whenever you can and love without consequence.  Live the BEST-EVER life for you, not for anyone else and, most of all, learn to never compare yourself to a bunch of warped pixels that are just trying to sell you something.  

And if you can live your life, with or without make-up, without justification or agenda, with a happy and fulfilled soul, then you will have learnt one of the greatest and toughest lessons of all.

Lots of Love x

frugally beauty 3

Frugally Beautiful: The Body Shop’s Satsuma Beautifying Oil

satsuma 1Before I start, I should probably say I’m not really much of a beauty blogger.  I’ll leave that to the lovely professionals who tirelessly blog their hauls and their product trials.  I’m not one.  Because I’m boring and have had more or less the same make-up routine for the last 13 years.  My eye-liner flicks change depending on my mood, or if I’ve listened to much metal that week.  I wear red lipstick.  When I don’t wear red I wear a shade of purple.  I use a hot-cloth cleanser, I’m not brand-loyal but I love Benefit packaging.  There you have it.  But…on the hunt for frugal and beautiful bargains, I couldn’t not write about my latest frugal find!

Well over a year ago, a customer of mine in my old job and old life, very kindly gave me a £10 voucher for The Body Shop, as I had retrieved a lost phone for her.  So here I am, a whole probable 400 days later, willing and eager to spend that cash!

When I think of The Body Shop, I think of school.  I think of the Vanilla and White Musk miniatures you were always given at Christmas (nobody liked White Musk very much), not to mention the most pointless product of all time;  Clear Mascara.  I can almost hear it now, ‘I hope I don’t get told off for wearing make-up, I’ve got my clear mascara on’.  Chances are, young Emma of the past, you’ll not get found out!

In all honesty, it had been a while since I stepped inside a Body Shop branch, I’ve kept their body butters in business most Christmasses through my twenties, but it had been a while since I’d peroused their ever-growing collection.  I do, however, rate their dedication to not testing their products on animals and I do, now, rate their customer service.

satsuma 3I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for, when I found this Beautifying Oil, which comes in a range of light and lovely fragrances.  I went with Satsuma – always wanting to hold on to the Winter by hook or by crook.  Or by conjuring fragrant memories of seasonal fruits, it seems.  For £9 (or a voucher – for me), you get 100ml of a lovely scent, a non-greasy dry oil that can be used as a hair conditioner or a face and body moisturiser, applied to either wet or dry skin.

The versatility of the product really grabbed me, first off – I’m not one for shelves of potions and lotions but could this oil really cancel out the need for conditioner AND moisturiser?  The best was yet to come…

Not only can you apply this to every part of your fabulous self, the very helpful assistant suggested mixing a tiny bit of the oil with some soft brown sugar, to create your own body scrub.  In effect, for £9 – you get 3 for the price of one.

As a product, I really enjoyed using this oil, it is both softening and illuminating, which disappears within minutes, leaving your skin feeling supple and light.  I use it more at night than day – as daytime doesn’t always agree with the amount of time I have, from shower to leaving the house, for it to not mess up my make-up.  Nearly 4 weeks into owning it, the bottle is still 95% full – you really only need a tiny amount as it is so pliable and soft on your skin.  As a hair conditioner, I use it on the ends to cover up the splits  moisten the dryness and it really works for me.  I’m not one to over-condition (thankfully) so again, just a little pea sized amount covers the areas I need it to and I tend to use it about every three or four days

satsuma 2

As a scrub, I loved mixing up a mini pot of this and keeping it handy for any pesky dry patches that oft appear in the harsh winter months.  I love the fragrance and the lightness of the oil itself, but especially LOVE the weight of it on my wallet!

If you’re looking for an easy, non-irritating product that leaves you feeling naturally moisturised and illuminated, I would happily recommend it to anyone looking for a bargain – £9 for this bottle goes a long way!  Looking at savings – I’ve saved a further £4.50 (approx) on conditioner, £7 on a (decent) facial scrub and £6.50 on a moisturising night cream.  With all that gumph totalling £18, that’s a tremendous saving of £9 on an item.  Looks like The Body Shop have moved on from the days of White Musk Miniatures…they are topping my Frugally Beautiful list!  Do you have any frugal beauty tips?  Or any brands you are loyal to?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Stay Peachy x