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The 7 Month Itch….

about meSo, it’s been nearly a month and I would like to, firstly, thank my lovely guest posters for all their hard work and wonderful posts that have kept this place going whilst I’ve been silently squirreling away on my first love, my novel.  If you haven’t read them, take a moment to have a look through and read some of their great pieces – some wonderful tutorials, blog help and a whole lot more!

Well, I say I’ve been off writing, I’ve done a lot less than I wanted in favour of a bit of, yes you guessed it, soul-searching!  I spent a week in Somerset with my parents, reconnected with old friends and tried to get to grips with how to move forward.  I’m a wistful old soul at heart and life has been tearing by at such a rapid and unexpected speed, that I have felt anxious and uneasy for the past few weeks and in need of some big life decisions making!

For quite some time now, I’ve been feeling at a crossroads with what to do with life and I think I might have reached my conclusion.  The big thing is, I’m too capable of taking on tasks and projects and exciting endeavours without thinking about how I’m going to devote my time to each and every one and get them finished.  It’s something I come back to time and time again and if you are a regular reader, then you’ll know how topsy turvy life has become in recent months.  So perhaps it’s not a surprise to you that I’m struggling to fit everything around my family’s needs and, heaven forbid, a little bit of time for me too!

When I say I love writing, I really mean it, I love writing and I write because I can’t not!  I write because it feels as natural to me as breathing, it always has done and somewhere, tucked underneath months of to-ing and fro-ing, are seven story ideas and a whole bundle of paragraphs that are dying to get out there.  When I say I love writing, I love fiction, I love immersing myself in story-telling and, to be frank, it feels like the thing I was put on this earth to do.  Which is why, after allowing myself to get back into it for a little bit and start looking at my future plans and goals, I think I need to start devoting more time to that, to those stories and characters which lay so heavy on my heart at the moment.  Which, you guessed it, can only mean one thing, over the next couple of weeks I’m going to wind down blogging.

I guess you could say I’ve become a little jaded with the blogging world.  There are some truly amazing bloggers out there, many of whom I have been lucky enough to talk to and meet.  But it ain’t easy to keep on keeping on when I don’t really feel as if I have anything to say.  Behind the scenes, I’ve worked hard to adjust to my life as a single mama, have kept to my ethos of spending a year without high street shopping and I’ve tried my best to keep up with everything as best I can.  But, the truth is, when it comes to blogging, my heart just isn’t in it anymore.  In a world of sponsored posts and social media etiquette, not to mention the pressure that you feel under, I don’t think there is any fun in what I do, anymore.  And without the fun, there isn’t much point, considering the time it takes to run this site.  I think I’ve reached a point where I want to devote my time to my true passions and ambitions, where I want to go out and LIVE my life, without feeling pressured to write about it.  I have so much admiration for people who blog endless inspiration, day in day out, but I’ve realised that I’m not cut out for this, that my ‘old soul’ belongs in books and poetry and writing that will hopefully, one day, knock the likes of EL James off the chart!

So what next?  I have a few posts to finish up – including my post for White Tree Fabrics, so I’ll be popping them up over the coming weeks.  I’m going to continue to administrate #CraftBlogClub with my lovely co-hosts and, hopefully will have some exciting updates coming in the next couple of months.  I’m still going to be active over on Instagram and Twitter, still plugging away on some DIY creativity and projects, so please do give me a follow (@LivePeachy) and stay in touch with what I’m up to – please note that I tend to Elvis-spam quite a bit on Instagram, I need some sort of therapy I think.

As for me, I’m going to keep on with the writing and see where it takes me, I’m considering lots of options for the future at the moment but I’m almost certain I’m going to book on to a dressmaking course locally, which starts in October, to try and hone my very poor sewing skills!  D is growing so quickly, my house is taking shape and I’m generally feeling pretty cool – even if I’m little stressed, but just writing this post has eased it all a bit.  Last night’s downpour was so refreshing, for the first time I felt pretty solid about what I wanted to do.

I wanted to take the time to thank each and every one of you for your comments, likes, follows and for keeping me going with blogging for as long as I have.  Even though I’m a little jaded about the ‘industry’, I have met some amazing people through my blog and various social media sites and I hope to continue talking to you all.  But I’m really grateful for all the blog love and I hope you all understand – it’s not you, it’s me!

Keep your eyes peeled for my last couple of posts and, as ever, stay forever peachy!! x

I’ve Been Nominated! Very Inspiring Blogger Award

veryinspiringbloggerawardWell well well….it was certainly lovely to be nominated by the lovely Caroline over at Notes From Caroline, for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award!  How very exciting – inspiring is definitely something I aspire to be, so I’m very grateful to Caroline for the nomination!

So the rules go a little something like this…

1. You thank the person who nominated you (nomineer? nominer??!!) and provide a link to their blog.  Check!

2. Nominate some other lovely bloggers and let them know – provide a link in your post and contact them to let them know!

3. Write 7 Facts about yourself!

4. Proudly display the Very Inspiring Blog Badge on your blog AND on this post!

All done and dusted…so here are 7 little known facts about the wing-ed eyed, red-lipped, thrifty mama you’ve all come to know and love!  Bear with me…I didn’t want to go for the obvious!

FRUGALLY ME!1. My first pet was a goldfish named ‘Tom’, when I was just three years old.  When the pet shop assistant asked me to pick out which goldfish I would like from the tank – I asked for the ‘orange one’!!!

2. I spend an AWFUL lot of time perfecting my ‘Dream Dinner Party Guests – Alive or Dead’ List – and it looks a little something like this

Coco Chanel

Trent Reznor

Elvis Presley (natch!)

Marilyn Manson

Elizabeth Taylor

Emily Bronte

Dita Von Teese (she wouldn’t have to sit next to her ex-husband)!

John Taylor

Lionel Shriver

Irena Sendler

dream dinner partyYes…this! Courtesy of Polyvore

3. I’m a bookworm – both an avid reader and passionate (as yet unpublished) author and, when asked to recommend a book, I ALWAYS recommend ‘The Gargoyle’, by Andrew Davidson.  It’s a little-known book but one of the most compelling stories I have ever read and I picked it up purely because of it’s black-edged pages.  Do go out and hunt it down – you won’t regret it!  And let me know if you do…

4. I am a self-confessed dabbler in the art of reading Tarot and Angel cards.

5. I have seen four of my top five ‘Favourite Artists and Bands’ live – the fifth will FINALLY be fulfilled in May – I finally get to see my beloved Nine Inch Nails and I CAN’T WAIT!

6. My favourite childhood books are The Chronicles of Narnia AND Sophie’s Snail by Dick King Smith.  I also have a hideous, irrational fear of slugs and snails!

7. I harbour secret desires to reignite my aspirations to become a Burlesque dancer again…shh don’t tell anyone!

OK…that’s about it from me, hope you enjoyed these little-known facts about your Frugal Friend!  I now nominate…

Michelle from Life Out of London

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Amanda from Amanda in a Teacup

Danielle from Life in the Thrift Lane

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Amanda from Gift Frippery

These are all great bloggers who blog about many, many, many different things!  Go check them out – I look forward to reading your posts ladies!

Stay Peachy x

The Great #MidsBlogMeet

Malt Cross Birds Eye

Well, this weekend just gone has been a bit of an amazing blur!  I’m currently sat with a cupcake and a cuppa, basking in the success of our FIRST EVER Midlands Blogger’s Meet (#MidsBlogMeet).  What a lovely time we had, meetiing lovely people we have only had ‘social media’ conversations with for however long, relaxing in one of the best venues Nottingham has to offer and generally having a great time!

What started off as a tweety query, became something that myself and co-host Kelly from To Become Mum organised and arranged for bloggers from in and around the Midlands area.  With a mixture of Lifestyle and Mum bloggers coming along to the event, we wanted to provide something informal, child-friendly where possible, with a few lovely surprises for our attendees.

After a huge amount of interest from fellow bloggers, we had 16 wonderful bloggers in attendance on the day, a great mixture of mummy bloggers, make-up and lifestyle bloggers.  We decided on Nottingham as a great central location for our bloggers, who were travelling from as far as Lincoln, Stoke and Sheffield.  Malt Cross BuffetAfter much deliberation (we are a little spoilt for quirky, brilliant cafe bars in the city), I decided to go with The Malt Cross, a central cafe bar steeped in historical architecture, with a friendly and relaxed vibe.  It has to be said that The Malt Cross really delivered what we were looking for – they put on a fabulous bespoke buffet for us, catered for the children who attended on the day and left us to our own devices as the bar was open for business around us.  We started out at around 11am (after some frantic cupcake boxing and goody bag-arranging by Kelly and myself) with a very friendly introduction – ‘hello’ stickers were provided (you can take Twitter out the girls, but you can’t take the girls out of Twitter) and we had a bit of a general mingling session before we did our first *PRIZE DRAW* at about 11.45am – and a huge congratulations to Cate from Me Add Three on winning the first prize from Mama Baby Bliss.

Our rather beautiful buffet was then served, giving us time to talk all things blogging a little more.  It’s always daunting walking into a room full of virtual strangers (or not, as the case may be), but we really felt everyone made a fantastic effort to mix and chat to people who were nothing more than a tiny avatar and what’s better for bonding than a selection of some of the best homemade food in The Midlands??!

Body Shop Close Up

The highlight of the afternoon, were the surprise guests we had arranged for our attendees; Sophie and Autumn from our local Body Shop, came to talk to the group about current and upcoming products; which made for quite an interesting chat.  Gone are the days of White Musk miniatures and Body Butters, we were able to try some of the fantastic creams and serums on offer and EVERYONE including the children, enjoyed trying the new Hair Chalks that give you an instant dipdye!  Not only that, The Body Shop gave us an exclusive discount offer – which meant the majority of our group marched off to our local to take advantage of the offer.

We were supported by some fantastic brands at our event, with more exciting prize giveaways and blog opportunities from Poddle Pod and Tommy Tippee – congratulations to Lauren from Life of Miley, Ellie from The Mummy Diary and Kelly from Writings, Ramblings and Reviews for their wins on the day!  We had one final huge prize bundle; featuring some fab Pregnancy and Mummy prizes, gifts from Weleda, a Body Shop gift set, prizes donated from the lovely attendee Iris at Baked By Me amongst others.  The lucky winner of our huge prize bundle was Sarah from Seriously Shallow – who apparently ‘never won anything’ – here’s hoping she picked up a lottery ticket that night!

Our Lovely Prize Winners!

After a few more drinks and a few last words from everyone, we handed out some wonderful goody bags with some fab products donated by Weleda, Bake It Yourself by Neff, some amazing chocolate moulds from Iris plus some sweet goodies from Swizzels Matlow.  In typical baking-addict style, I whipped up some cupcakes for everyone too to take away with them – plus one to snaffle back to mine!

I can’t begin to thank everyone who came along to the meet, for showing their support for our event.  It was wonderful to meet some of the bloggers I regularly ‘talk to’, in the flesh and spend some time with like-minded folks.  Miss BerrysThe Malt Cross dudes were incredibly supportive of our day, the food was gorgeous and we were so lucky to have some fantastic brands backing our event.  The day was a fantastic success and we have already had interest in organising something else in the future.  It was such a great introduction to planning and organising a meet-up, though we would probably look at organising a ticketed event in the future – we won’t dwell on that!

Here are the names and blog addresses of our first #MidsBlogMeet  – if you’re looking for some new, diverse blogs to read then look no further!

NAME                                      BLOG                                                                                TWITTER HANDLE

Kelly O’Hanlon (Host) www.tobecomemum.blogspot.co.uk ToBecomeMum
Emma Berry (Host) www.frugallypeachy.co.uk LivePeachy
Samantha Schofield www.createitsamantha.blogspot.com CreateitSam
Sue Barsby http://thegeriatricmother.wordpress.com Basfordian
Laura Candlin www.unlovedbutton.blogspot.com UnlovedButton
Amanda Wright www.amandainateacup.blogspot.com amandainateacup
Sally www.rainydayfaces.com RainyDayFaces
Kelly Brett http://writingsramblingsandreviews.wordpress.com/ MoolBoots
Laura Strong http://chickywiggle.blogspot.co.uk/ chickywiggle
Cate Elder http://meaddthree.blogspot.co.uk/ meaddthree
Emma Tustian www.bubbablueandme.com  etusty
Iris Choo www.bakedbyme.net  Bakedbymeuk
Lauren   www.lifeofmiley.com lifeofmileyx
Ellie Aindow www.themummydiary.co.uk mummydiary
Sarah Athow-Frost www.seriouslyshallow.blogspot.co.uk soshallow
Bel Smith www.journeysaremydiary.com DontLetMeFade

So let me finish by saying how much I enjoyed mingling with the locals on Saturday and getting to know the people behind the blogs – I look forward to seeing you all again soon and keeping up with your blogs!  If you wrote a blog post on our meet – why not come and link up below?!

Stay Peachy x



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