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The Frugal Kitchen: Apple Pie…In A Jar

make it in a jarQuite a while ago, the lovely folk at Parragon Publishing sent me a fabulous book to review, called ‘Make It In a Jar’.  Recently, there has been something of a trend in concocting both sweet and savoury recipes in jars – I’ve been ogling some of the jar-based creations, from the cake businesses I follow on Instagram and I have been quite eager to try something for myself. 

The book itself is a gem – loads of gorgeous recipes, from pizzas to cookies, sponges to salads and cakes to themed-food inspiration for all year round.  Just flicking through the lovely images, I was inspired to immediately plan a dinner party – with Jarred starters, mains and desserts, tipped off with cocktails in Jars and embellished with Jar chandeliers.  Go hard or go home, I say.

Failing that dream, I opted to make a simple Apple Pie in a Jar – only substituting the shop-bought short-crust pastry for home-made, I’ve popped the recipe below for you.  Apple Pie is a such a delicious, warming antidote to the cold winter storms we are dealing with right now – what a perfect way to start my baking year!

I didn’t possess the right tempered jar, as featured in the book, but I have become a hoarder of regular jam jars, which are heat treated, so decided to use these for my creation; rather than purchasing new ones – which worked perfectly though (alongside the owning the fastest oven of all time) sped cooking time up by about 20 mins.

apple pie collageI started by making my shortcrust pastry – just like mum makes!


125 g Plain Flour

30g Salted Butter (room temperature)

30g Lard (cubed)

Approximately 4 tbsps Cold Water

Method: Simply place the flour in a bowl with the butter and lard and rub together until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs – all lumps of butter and lard should be rubbed through.  Then slowly add the cold water by tablespoon, to the mixture and mix to bind the mixture together.  In a ball, place the pastry dough in some clingfilm and refrigerate for about 20 minutes before using.

After the pastry was prepared, the apple mixture was easy enough to mix together – simply using 2 large cooking apples that I had lying around, a pinch of brown sugar, a little granulated sugar, some nutmeg, cinnamon and a squeeze of lemon juice, I followed the recipe to create a wintry, fragrant apple mix.  I then used cutters to make pastry bases and tops for each jar, filled the jars with mix (being careful to seal the pastry bases in place), put the tops on and placed in a loaf tin on the middle shelf for 15 minutes on 220C.  I then switched the oven down to 190C for a further recommended 35-40 minutes – though my jars were done in about 20 minutes more on the lower temperature.

I really enjoyed making these little apple pies, the filling was a deliciously, spicy take on a classic apple pie recipe, whilst the frugal nature of the dessert really worked too – it was made entirely from ingredients I had lying around the kitchen cupboards.  Not only that, the book itself has given me lots of ideas for gifts – gorgeous food, beautifully presented in jars, who could ask for anything more?  Even the use of non-regulation jars didn’t seem to matter too much – I think if I was to pick another recipe from ‘Make It In a Jar’, I would want to try something aesthetically challenging – the Rainbow Cake for example!  Overall though, the recipe gets a thumbs up from me, and I suggest my friends and family make way for some jar-shaped goodness coming their way in the future!

apple pie 2