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Got a question?  Got a comment or an idea?  I LOVE hearing from readers of Frugally Peachy – email me at  I always try and respond to comments and emails as soon as possible!  Alternatively, let’s connect over in the world of social media – click the links and give me a cheeky follow!


As you can probably tell i LOVE to make things – if you have an idea in mind or you’d like to discuss commissioning an item you have seen on Frugally Peachy (or otherwise), why not get in touch?  Email for ideas, prices and a little bit of Frugally Peachy of your own!

2 thoughts on “Contact Me!

  1. sue arnold

    Hi Emma, have you ever considered making your own moisturisers/face cream/lip balms? I have been making them for the last year, and not only am i saving money, but i know exactly what i am putting on my skin! I found the site very useful.

    Rock on & stay fab…..sue x

    1. Post author

      Hi Sue! This website looks fab – it’s something I’ve been thinking about recently and though I’m not focusing on beauty, specifically, I think it’s definitely an area to think about – what with all this palm oil business! Thanks for the link x


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