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Frugally Peachy: Jam Jar Tealights Holders!

fairy flirtIn keeping with my love of all things DIY, I’ve been experimenting with some simple ideas for lighting your garden space this week.  Having seen a rather inspiring and tear-jerking post from the delightful Hodge Podge Craft on DIY Wedding ideas, I was really taken with the simplicity of some large rope covered vases that were featured.  Needless to say….the mind started ticking.

Now I happen to be in possession of about fifty million recycled jam jars.  I love them.  I love to dress set, drink and bake all sorts of weird and wonderful concoctions with them.  So, when it came to thinking about cheap, cheerful and rustically-fabulous ways to light your garden, should you be sitting out at dusk, sipping on a cold beverage (from a jar), I grabbed some garden jute twine and set to work on these bad boys!  Great little tealight holders for sitting in situ in your garden and a snip of the price of a fancy tealight holder!

how toYou Will Need…

A selection of (clean) Glass Jam Jars (lids not necessary)

Garden Jute Twine

Some Super Strong-Hold Superglue – suitable for use on ceramics, glass etc.

Now Do This…

finished!To make a simple sitting tealight holder, glue a thin long line about a cm up from the bottom of your jam jar.  Unravel your twine and glue into place, ensuring that the end is sticking securely.  Once the bottom line is firmly in place, continue to wrap around the jar in an upwards movement, ensuring your glass is completely covered.  Be sure to add a little bit of glue every fourth wrap or so.  Keep wrapping until you reach about 2 1/2 cms from the rim of the jar and repeat the glue line, cut your twine and secure firmly in place.  Leave to dry for a couple of hours before using.

Now you’re done, I think this calls for a cheeky homemade cocktail and a makeshift BBQ, don’t you??

Stay Peachy x flirt!

Wilf…you flirt!

How Does Your Garden Grow? Part 2…

mini gardenWell, with the sun shining and thoughts of Summer truly on their way, my thoughts have turned to trying to do something with my tiny garden!  If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you may well have read my last ‘Garden’ post about our ‘great’ sideboard idea and the little herb rack Mr J made for our kitchen.  Well, sadly, with the demise of the relationship came the swift demise of the sideboard and the rack!

herbs close upNow, I’m no horticulturalist, but I do like the thought of a nice garden that me and Little D can sit in.  So, on Friday, armed with a few Pinterest ideas, I took a trip to my nearest DIY centre and bought a couple of little plants to pot.  My back garden is entirely concreted, not to mention narrow, which leaves very little room to do much.  I am always so envious of good garden space but, instead of dreaming of acres and acres of land, opted to make mine a pretty little haven.

I started with a good old sweep of the area, over time our ground has become so cluttered with weeds and ‘bits’, it was great to get things straight.  garden sweepI had several plastic and terracotta pots lying around from previous attempts at joining ‘Club Horticulture’, so I simply potted a couple of Conifers, a Dahlia and some Fuchsias, to begin with.  And, being me, I simply HAD to surround them with my weird and wonderfully small collection of garden creatures!  The outcome?  Well, I still have a way to go, but it was a great excuse to make a start and GUESS who has already taken a keen interest with her brand new watering can??

I’ve got BIG plans now!  I’m on the lookout for a nice garden table and chairs to upcycle and I’m planning on trying to grow some strawberries and tomatoes from hanging baskets – I’ve made a start on some tomatoes and I’m keeping everything crossed (I don’t have a great growing track record – I’ll refrain from telling the sad tale of Simon Le Bonsai…and Simon Le Bonsai 2)…more updates on my dream garden to follow, I’m sure!  I’m armed with secateurs and I’ve got the bug now!

Daisy Garden CollageNot content with not really getting into the ‘grow your own’ spirit this year, I also took this old mini palette I’d been given and set to work making a Jazz Domino Holly/Queen of Crafts -inspired Victory Herb Tray.  Lined with mini pots and a spot of basil I’ve had for a while, I potted and labelled up some of my most used herbs – a great thing to start growing and maintaining as they keep all year round!  I even knocked up some miniature bunting for the tray just, you know, because!

herb tray vintageWhat are you growing in your garden this year?  Do you have any great ideas for a small garden?  I would love to find some more inspiration! x

How Does Your Garden Grow?

rosemarySpring, it seems, has sprung!  Compared to the bitter cold of last March, when I was drifting about the home in a heavily pregnant daze, checking off calendar days and admiring the snow outside.  Even as a firm lover of all things morbid, dark and rainy, I’m enjoying waking up to the rays of sunlight and taking warm afternoon strolls in the park!

When we moved into our house – which has now been our humble abode for 18 whole months – we had great designs on the incredibly small back garden space bestowed upon us.  In some ways, I love it, having no grass means very little maintenance and the area is also nice and shady.  On the other hand, whilst we were able to grow an unsightly amount of tomatoes last year in our makeshift allotment, I couldn’t help but look out of my lounge window and fancy seeing something a little more pretty!  Winter came and went, I wrote about ideas for a small garden space on the old blog and we decided 2014 was going to be the year of the Innovative Garden Space!  I’m seeing a little rusty table and chairs and sunflowers, I really want sunflowers!

I can’t take full credit for our ideas, Mr J constantly has his head stuck in this little book I bought him for Christmas, but I thought I’d start off our little How Does Your Garden Grow mini series by showing you our little window herb garden!  Ain’t it pretty?!  And so useful for picking straight from plant pot to saucepan!

herb rackBeing that our windowsill gets a lot of sunshine in good weather, we decided to make a mini herb garden to soak up the sun – herbs are very easy to grow, we are always using them in our cooking and many can grow all year round.  So we kickstarted with some Basil, Coriander, Parsley and Rosemary and what’s best of all? coriander Our little set up cost us absolutely nothing, apart from the seeds themselves and the compost!  The recycled materials have all been saved and salvaged and we have plenty more yoghurt pots and egg boxes to add when we start to grow more.

The two tiered rack we have used is an old shoe rack we were given a couple of years ago, sprayed white to fit in with the kitchen decor.  The mini greenhouse was a present from myself two Christmasses ago and we were given a Garden Basil Pot by my Mum as a gift.  All other containers are recycled, housing little seedlings whilst the eggbox *should* house our first batch of tomatoes for the season.  The Coriander is growing at a rate of knots at the moment – which means there is no excuse for a good old homemade curry – whilst the other herbs are catching up fast and the current lovely weather we are experiencing should help things along a little!  The only thing it needs now is some sort of mini bunting – but there you have it, a little piece of our homegrown home!

sideboardOur next job is to take a look at the outside space – we have moved this rather gorgeous sideboard outside and waterproofed it, ready for a quirky plant feature – what do you think?

Look out for more frugal garden spaces in the coming months!

Stay Peachy x

Garden general