That’s All Folks…

OK, that’s it, I’m packing away my metaphorical office and heading to my new place of work.  In my head, my new place of work is an old, dusty, gothic library where I can sit and type and read old love letters from sailors to their sweethearts and bury myself away in a dreamy fiction world.  In reality it’s currently my dining table looking out over a miserable day and basking a teeny bit of baby-free silence for a couple of hours.

Thanks for the ride guys, I look forward to catching up with you all over on Twitter etc and I look forward to finally catching up with a bit of blog-reading too!  Lord knows it’s been long enough since I did that!  I guess the door is always open, but for now, let me just thank you again for all your support and blog love and I hope to regale you with my creative written word sometime,  in the near future, very soon.  Like.

Stay Peachy! x

4 thoughts on “That’s All Folks…

  1. Jill Berry

    The blog’s been a great read Em, you did such a fantastic job, and met some lovely people. Now it ‘s time to look forward and maybe finally get on with what you were supposed to be doing, a long time ago!
    Your words of wisdom will be missed, but a whole load of new ones to come, I’m sure.
    Much love, as always
    Mum x


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