Speedy Stamps: Superquick Business Cards!

IMG_20140826_210134A while back, you know, before all the big life changing decisions, I was contacted by Speedy Stamps about reviewing their personalised stamp service on the blog.  As with all craft-related reviews, I jumped at the chance but also wondered how I would review such a thing?

Speedy stamps offer a huge range of stamping paraphernalia – from the self-inking to the eco-friendly, just check out their website for more information.  After choosing to have my stamp logo and an ink pad, the lovely people set about making up a proof of my stamp, before sending to me for approval.  Once approved, the stamp was sent to me within a couple of working days – a great turnaround for something bespoke.  The question was…how was I going to use it?

I had this dilemma with business cards a while back, there are some fabulous business card manufacturers out there and, whilst you can get some fantastic deals on the market these days, I felt I needed to put together some business cards with as little budget as possible.  I pulled my resources together and made these!  The prices of the stamp itself starts from £15.00 with an inkpad setting you back around £5.  The beauty of owning something like this for your blog or brand is that, aside from replacing the pad, you only pay once for something personal and you can get a whole lot of stamped products out of it.

So, without further ado, let’s run through this simple tutorial for your very own personalised business card…

IMG_20140826_205219You Will Need:

A Specialised Speedy Stamp and Ink Pad

Brown Luggage Labels

White Stickers

Black Ink Pen (plus your prettiest, tidiest writing)

Coloured Ribbon (your choice)

Now Do This..

Remove the string from your luggage labels and stick a white label on either side, try to keep your stickers straight and central as much as you can.

On one side of the luggage label, and keeping as central on the white sticker as you can, stamp your logo into place.  I chose a red ink pad to keep with the ‘peachy’-ish theme

IMG_20140826_205245On the second side of the luggage label, with your pen write any info you need to go on your business card – it’s probably worth pencilling your info in first, to make sure your spacing is even.

Finish off by threading your coloured ribbon through the hole in the luggage label.

Et Voila! A personalised and simple business card that stands out from the Vistaprint crowd!


Disclaimer: I was sent the Speedy Stamps personalised stamp and inkpad for review purposes and was not paid for this post, though did receive the stamp for free.

Stay Peachy x

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