I’ve Been Nominated! Very Inspiring Blogger Award

veryinspiringbloggerawardWell well well….it was certainly lovely to be nominated by the lovely Caroline over at Notes From Caroline, for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award!  How very exciting – inspiring is definitely something I aspire to be, so I’m very grateful to Caroline for the nomination!

So the rules go a little something like this…

1. You thank the person who nominated you (nomineer? nominer??!!) and provide a link to their blog.  Check!

2. Nominate some other lovely bloggers and let them know – provide a link in your post and contact them to let them know!

3. Write 7 Facts about yourself!

4. Proudly display the Very Inspiring Blog Badge on your blog AND on this post!

All done and dusted…so here are 7 little known facts about the wing-ed eyed, red-lipped, thrifty mama you’ve all come to know and love!  Bear with me…I didn’t want to go for the obvious!

FRUGALLY ME!1. My first pet was a goldfish named ‘Tom’, when I was just three years old.  When the pet shop assistant asked me to pick out which goldfish I would like from the tank – I asked for the ‘orange one’!!!

2. I spend an AWFUL lot of time perfecting my ‘Dream Dinner Party Guests – Alive or Dead’ List – and it looks a little something like this

Coco Chanel

Trent Reznor

Elvis Presley (natch!)

Marilyn Manson

Elizabeth Taylor

Emily Bronte

Dita Von Teese (she wouldn’t have to sit next to her ex-husband)!

John Taylor

Lionel Shriver

Irena Sendler

dream dinner partyYes…this! Courtesy of Polyvore

3. I’m a bookworm – both an avid reader and passionate (as yet unpublished) author and, when asked to recommend a book, I ALWAYS recommend ‘The Gargoyle’, by Andrew Davidson.  It’s a little-known book but one of the most compelling stories I have ever read and I picked it up purely because of it’s black-edged pages.  Do go out and hunt it down – you won’t regret it!  And let me know if you do…

4. I am a self-confessed dabbler in the art of reading Tarot and Angel cards.

5. I have seen four of my top five ‘Favourite Artists and Bands’ live – the fifth will FINALLY be fulfilled in May – I finally get to see my beloved Nine Inch Nails and I CAN’T WAIT!

6. My favourite childhood books are The Chronicles of Narnia AND Sophie’s Snail by Dick King Smith.  I also have a hideous, irrational fear of slugs and snails!

7. I harbour secret desires to reignite my aspirations to become a Burlesque dancer again…shh don’t tell anyone!

OK…that’s about it from me, hope you enjoyed these little-known facts about your Frugal Friend!  I now nominate…

Michelle from Life Out of London

Kelly from To Become Mum

Amanda from Amanda in a Teacup

Danielle from Life in the Thrift Lane

Vicki from Chloris Boris

Tamsyn from The Villa on Mount Pleasant

Gemma from Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Toria from Creative Mine

Amanda from Gift Frippery

These are all great bloggers who blog about many, many, many different things!  Go check them out – I look forward to reading your posts ladies!

Stay Peachy x

6 thoughts on “I’ve Been Nominated! Very Inspiring Blogger Award

    1. emma@missberrys.co.uk Post author

      Thanks Caroline – I think they’re gonna be awesome! I LOVE T-Rez, he’s a genius!

      Well….it would have to be Duran Duran (seen twice), Kasabian (seen twice), Marilyn Manson (seen once) and EITHER Michael Jackson or Stevie Wonder (seen both once)! What about you? xx

  1. rosemaryofelephants

    Well done on your award. I enjoy these posts, getting to know bloggers a little better. At least you gave your fish a name – my poor ones were nameless when I was that age, I’m ashamed to say. Pets and names always reminds me of my friend who totally cracked me up when she said her poodle was called Matthew. I’m a bit embarrassed I hardly know anyone on your dinner party list. Don’t kill me, I’m just reeeeally not in the know. Rosemary x


    1. emma@missberrys.co.uk Post author

      thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy them! I’m never sure if Ishould write them or not! Ahhh my tastes are a little off the wall I shouldn’t worry! That’s awesome – a poodle called Matthew, sometimes the simplest names work the best for animals! xxx

  2. Michelle

    You are the lushest, thanks for my nomination!
    And thanking you kindly for the book recommendation, got some days off next week, I’ll be Gargoyle-ing my butt off.
    M x

    1. emma@missberrys.co.uk Post author

      YAY! No problem lovely lady – love your blog! oooh let me know what you think, it’s just such an amazing story! x


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