#CraftBlogClub – I Re-Love You Challenge REVEAL!

craftblogclub badgeTuesday evenings are, undoubtedly one of my favourite times of the week!  Even if I’m not hosting, I love watching lots of crafty types getting together from across the globe to discuss all things craft and blogging!

One of things I love most about setting up #CraftBlogClub, are the challenges we do.  I always try and come up with interesting ideas that members can really challenge themselves on, or can ultimately show what they are capable of.  So, for our first challenge of 2014 and, of course, in keeping with my self-imposed frugality; I set an upcycling challenge on something you have around the house (or something you have purchased – if easier).  Wanna see mine???!!!

toy box 2

BEHOLD!  This is one of my first attempts at furniture upcycling!  As Daisy turns One this month, I had the brainwave a while ago that I wanted to do something memorable for her.  I love traditional wooden toy boxes and, after a bit of Pinteresting, decided that I wanted to paint a toybox for her Birthday.

After searching the length and breadth of eBay and Gumtree – I FINALLY managed to find a blanket box, going locally, for £20.  It was a little smaller than I originally hoped for but, upon arrival, it looked ideal for Daisy’s bedroom.

toy box 1



Being a little rusty with furniture painting, I took myself to Homebase to find the sort of paint I felt would work easily on the box. Paint brushes I found some gorgeous Dulux Satin Wood ‘Willow Tree’ green furniture paint, priced £14.99 and supplemented with a primer – priced £6.95.  My paint choice apparently needed no undercoat and, while the box wasn’t antique, I wanted to make sure the ‘mocha’ colour would cover easily.

I painted one coat of primer and two of the green to get an even, covered result and I am pretty happy with the colour!  I toyed around with different ideas and colour ways – D’s nursery is a pale pink Beatrix Potter theme; but I felt I wanted to paint something timeless, that she would continue to use as she gets older.  So, along with the decision to ‘go green’, came the decision to scrap my original idea of scripting her name on the box, replaced with tiny dotted vintage-inspired daisies instead.

Now, I don’t claim to be an artist or painter of ANY description, so this was the part I was most worried about!  To aid in my questionable cack-handedness, I decided to use the other end of two paint brushes to make my yellow and white daisy dots to make firmer, striking dots. toy box close up The result was pretty good, they aren’t perfect, but I think that’s part of the charm.  I decided to create the daisies in the corners of the lid, rather than cover it completely.  Once this last pain-staking part was done, all that was left was to give it a quick clear varnish.  The box came with the lovely horse paper inside, which I decided to keep, in keeping with the ‘vintage’ feel.

What started off as one idea, has become something simple, sweet and hopefully a lasting memory for D as she gets older!  I’m pleased with my handy work AND from a frugal point of view – I used less than a third of both the paint and primer, meaning this Birthday make totals in at £27.31 for the box and paints plus a little extra for brushes.  Compared to a personalised toy box price of around £70 minimum, I’d say we’ve done pretty well!

I’ve definitely got the bug and I’m eyeing up my next piece of work that I really think will suit the colour of my paint.  But you’ll have to stay tuned to see how that turns out!

For now, let me say a huge thank you to all the lovely #CraftBlogClub tweeples who tirelessly take part in my challenges and produce such gorgeous work!  I’m always truly inspired and I can’t wait to see what everyone has come up with.  I’ve popped the Linky below and I’ll be sharing these great posts in the coming weeks!  Fear not, if you haven’t quite finished – the link will stay open for two weeks!

toy box 3

The question is…..are you ready for another challenge??


In true Spring style, I’ve suddenly had the urge to have a huge clear out and get to grips with some of those left over crafty projects that have been building up!  So…due to the success of our Secret Santa, I thought we could do a ‘Spring Clean Gift Swap’ – make a gift using only products and materials you already have or by finishing off an old project you’ve left.  Fancy it??  Here are the rules..

1. To sign up – please drop me an email at missemmaberry@gmail.com to be added to the swap list.  All entries must be in by Wednesday 12th March.  I will then pair up gift swaps and email everyone with their swappees name, address and Twitter handle.

2. As this is a little more complicated, we will run the challenge over a two-ish month period.  All gifts should have been received by their recipients and posts ready to go by Tuesday 22nd April.

3. Unlike the Secret Santa, you only have to write a post about the gift you RECEIVE and it would be wonderful to link back to your gift maker’s blog!  You CAN tell you recipient who you are or even pop a little letter in there for them – it’s up to you!

I thought this would be a great way to see in Spring and, perhaps, all get to know each other a little better too!

I really hope you all want to take part – be sure to email me your full name, address and Twitter handle so I can pair everyone up efficiently!

And, in the mean time, don’t forget to link up your ‘I Re-Love You’ post below!

Stay Crafty x

 Come join us!

14 thoughts on “#CraftBlogClub – I Re-Love You Challenge REVEAL!

    1. emma@missberrys.co.uk Post author

      Thanks Fiona! I’m really excited about the next challenge and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! x

    1. emma@missberrys.co.uk Post author

      I love your project! It’s really great and unusual too – love a good chalkboard! Can’t wait for the next challenge already x

  1. Gill Forrester

    Your toy box is lovely Emma. Like you say, the design is timeless, so will be enjoyed for many years to come. Fab!
    The paint will come in handy for other matching projects, so very frugal too.
    I spent £28 on Chalk Paints and Wax, but have only used a quarter of the large tin, and hardly any of the accent colour. The wax looks like I’ve not touched it, so I too am looking at pieces of furniture around the house to get to grips with!!
    Count me in the the next challenge!
    Gill x

    1. emma@missberrys.co.uk Post author

      Totally agree Gill – you sometimes have to pay a bit of money to begin with, but it goes a really long way! I love your challenge project – it looks so very lovely xx

  2. Tracy

    Hello, your toy box is beautiful, sure your Daughter will treasure it for years to come! The hand painted daisies are so pretty :)
    I really enjoyed taking part in the challenge and am pleased with the result, looking forward to the next challenge – I have stashes of craft materials just waiting to be turned into something!
    Thank you for organising these challenges, great way to find new blogs :) xx

    1. emma@missberrys.co.uk Post author

      I think your project is amazing Tracy – I love a good upcycle I can’t wait for the next challenge! The #CraftBlogClub group is the best! And I’m totally biased! x

  3. Caro

    Love this Emma – what a fab make!! I have totally got the bug now… if it stands still, for long enough, it gets painted!! Lol! Looking forward to the next project!
    Caro (The Twinkles Momma) X

    1. emma@missberrys.co.uk Post author

      woohoo! I can’t wait either Caro – always have the best time doing our #CraftBlogCLub challenges x

    1. emma@missberrys.co.uk Post author

      No problem Caroline – all sorted now and you’re down for the next challenge! x

  4. Sally


    I finally completed my February challenge- better late than never I guess! I love your toybox! Making a cuppa and looking through the other projects now :-) x

    1. emma@missberrys.co.uk Post author

      excellent thank you so much for linking up – off to check out your project I’m very excited to see it! xx


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