De-Fusing The Yarn Bomb!

bootees 2At the start of the year, Mr J and I decided to have a huge clearout of our house, top to bottom.  New Year certainly has that effect on you – we are both so busy with work and projects, not to mention lovely Little D thrown into the mix; our home can sometimes become a whirlwind of clutter, paper and all sorts.

It was the most therapeutic thing I had done in a long time, I felt cleansed and ready to hit 2014 with a bang.  But, mostly, I was shocked at how much of a fabric and yarn hoarder I had secretly become.  My craft space – which doubles up as the front dining room, was overrun with colours and patterns, some of which I couldn’t even remember buying.

So I made it one of my ‘Frugal Resolutions’, to try use up the remnants of my yarn and fabric stash, where possible, before purchasing new bits and pieces to work with.  And what better way to welcome in a new year, than with welcoming in a new little person?

I have used knitting patterns from Val Pierce before, they are great for quick knitting projects and her book of Baby Knits, which a good friend sent me when I was pregnant, is full of gorgeous projects for little ones.  Knitting is my absolute favourite craft; my Nan taught me the basics when I was very young and, in the past few years, I’ve tried new stitches and patterns and actually managed to create some lovely little pieces.  So when the aforementioned friend gave birth herself in December, I couldn’t resist making these little keepsake bootees to celebrate the arrival of her son.

bootees 3bootees 1Having not knitted a bootee shape before – I was surprised at how easy the pattern was, working mostly with garter stitch and needle turns, to create a really sweet keepsake for my friend’s baby.  When I was expecting D, I didn’t have a lot of time to knit everything I wanted to for her, but I was so grateful for all the lovely handknitted cardigans and bootees we were given and I’ve kept them all!  These make great memories as anyone who has had a child will know, they really do grow up so fast!  And best of all……I used materials that I ALREADY HAD!  The Cream yarn was a lovely baby-soft knit I used to knit a blanket for Daisy, when she was born.  The ribbon was from a reel I found lurking at the bottom of one of my many bags and the little cat buttons were an impulse eBay purchase from several months ago. 

I packaged these up in a lovely box we were given, when I gave birth to D, made a little card for the recipients and sent them on their way to their new home.  Living in Nottingham now, and hailing from the South West – migrating through a little bit of mad London for a time – I have a whole heap of far-away friends who mean the world to me.  I just wish I could see them more.  Hopefully my little gift will be one that my friend will treasure and will remind her that she’s not far from my mind, but I can’t wait to meet the little man himself soon!

Stay Peachy x

10 thoughts on “De-Fusing The Yarn Bomb!

  1. Anthea

    I LOVE knitting booties! And all baby clothes for that matter (it’s an attention span thing 😉 ) One of my first proper knitting projects was a slipover for my baby brother when I was about ten – I finshed it just before he grew too big for it! Like you I have a ridiculous yarn and fabric stash – here’s to a year of happy frugal crafting!! Anthea x

    1. Post author

      they’re so great to knit up aren’t they! I loved doing these, I’ve got my eye on several patterns for baby stuff – but now the next hill to climb is enlarging patterns etc! Happy Frugal (Duran Duran-induced) crafting Anthea! xx

  2. Danielle Dammes

    They are beautiful! I loved knitting booties for my little one. Good luck sorting out your stash and using it up. I made the same resolution, but I can’t seem to get the hang of it. Every time I use something up, someone gives me something else! Not that I’m complaining, I’ll just have to work a little faster :-)

    1. Post author

      Ah thanks Danielle! Judging from Twitter people just keep giving you awesome stuff! Keep on going! x

  3. Claire moon

    Emma, thank you so much for the bootees we love them!! Can’t wait for Charlie to wear them which I’m sure wont be long as he seems to have pretty big feet! Keep up the good work x

    1. Post author

      No problem at all mate – just wish i was nearer to come and see you guys, one day! I hope he gets a little bit of wear from them!! Daisy is the same her feet are quite long! xx


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